Denis Volkov, AOML/CIMAS

Chief Scientist of I07N


Bio: I spent my childhood and school years on the coast of the tiny and shallow Sea of Azov in southern Russia and on the Baltic Sea coast in Estonia. Freedom and adventure associated with the sea, its mightiness and beauty have always fascinated me. Probably this is why when I decided to pursue career in Earth sciences, there was no doubt to become an oceanographer. Since then, as I was moving from place to place, my nearby sea was getting larger, deeper, and saltier. I received my Master’s degree in Physical Oceanography at Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia and then went to the Netherlands to do PhD. I was living on the picturesque island of Texel and working at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, studying the variability of sea level and surface circulation in the North Atlantic using satellite and in situ measurements. Although the sea is usually hidden behind the dike in Holland, one can always feel its presence, and weather often sends reminders. I moved on to do postdoctoral research at C.L.S. Space Oceanography Division in Toulouse (France) and then at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (California), focusing on satellite observations of the ocean. All these years I tried to use opportunities to go at sea, which expanded my horizon from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean. The desire to “get my feet wet” on a regular basis brought me to Physical Oceanography Division of NOAA-AOML in Miami (Florida) in 2013. Currently, I am involved in projects studying the regional sea level variability, regional and large-scale ocean circulation and property fluxes, processes driven by air-sea interaction, and I also got involved in the Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations (GO-SHIP) program. This is my second GO-SHIP cruise and the first cruise in the Indian Ocean, which becomes my fourth ocean to sail across.

What I’m doing on this cruise: I am the chief scientist of the I07N cruise in the western Indian Ocean. Besides a great deal of pre and post cruise duties, my main responsibility during the cruise will be to oversee operations and facilitate the work of other scientists onboard. I will also do data management, assist with CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) measurements and sampling where needed, and will supervise the deployment of profiling floats and drifters.

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