Samantha Ladewig, RSMAS

Research Assistant, University of Miami RSMAS


Bio: I am a recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University’s Masters of Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies Program. My master’s thesis focused on microplastic pollution in Winyah Bay, South Carolina and the area’s dominate drivers of its transport. Almost immediately after defending my thesis I headed southeast for my next adventure with GO-SHIP. IO7N is my third time at sea, my third time researching with GO-SHIP, and my third time cruising on the Ron Brown. After having two Pacific Ocean cruises (P16N and P18S) under my belt, I am thrilled to broaden my experience with IO7N in the Indian Ocean. I love participating in these world class cruises and meeting a variety of researchers in the marine science field from all around the world. The research involved is holistic and important for both scientific advancement and environmental monitoring, which is all of what exactly draws me into marine science.

What I’m doing on this cruise: Just like on P16N and P18S, I will be measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations throughout the water column of our stations in the Indian Ocean. By comparing the present data to data from previous cruises in our sampling area, we can see how dissolved oxygen concentrations have changed over time providing insight to the ocean’s chemistry, water mass movement, and indications of climate change.