Holly Westbrook, RSMAS

Research Sampling Assistant, RSMAS

Operating the J-frame on the SSV Corwith Cramer

Bio: Hello, my name is Holly! I recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in marine science and minor in chemistry. Growing up on the coast, I’ve always been fascinated with the ocean. It was so vast and mysterious that by elementary school I knew I wanted to study it. When I first started college I was sure wanted to be a marine biologist, but somehow I fell in love with chemistry and that led to a change in the direction of my studies! During my junior year I participated in a study abroad program that involved 6 weeks sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and working on a research project. It was during that time I realized how challenging it is to be out at sea, but also how much I enjoy it. On this cruise I hope to learn what it is like to participate in a cruise not as a student but as a researcher. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, hearing everyone’s stories, and learning from their experiences.

What I’m doing on this cruise: Our lab is measuring pH and total alkalinity, which can help us characterize carbon cycling in the ocean. I will be running closed-cell titrations of total alkalinity.