Hannah Morrisette, U Maryland

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


Bio: My name is Hannah Morrissette, and I am a Biological Oceanography student at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Horn Point Laboratory. Under Dr. Raleigh Hood, I research the transport and transformation of organic matter in wetland sediment.  After studying environmental science at Lycoming College for my undergraduate degree, I spent six months on a coastal restoration project in the Dominican Republic.  I quickly saw first-hand how dynamic the interactions between the land-sea interface could be, how humans influenced changes in these environments, and the outreach and education that needs to occur for awareness.   This experience jump-started my interest in coastal processes research.

For all my time on the water, this is my first time out to sea on a research vessel.  I am excited to learn more instrumentation, and experience research in this part of the world!

What I’m doing on this cruise: We will be taking multiple biological and chemical samples along the cruise, to obtain oxygen, productivity, plankton, and optical profiles to quantify changes from the last time this track was sampled.